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premium charcoal

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A1 Coal Trading Corporation is the leading charcoal manufacturer with its head office at Bangalore Karnataka India.  Our company is the major manufacturer, supplier and stockist of first-quality charcoal products in India. Ever since we started our business, we focused more on quality and high production without causing damage to the environment.  We supply charcoal to factories, restaurants, small businesses, and also home utility. Our charcoal products are manufactured according to correct specifications to suit all the specific needs of our customers. The charcoal we use for home products is nontoxic , odorless, easy to ignite, smokeless and with long burning time.  We supply charcoal for industries that have minimum content of moisture.  We supply handpicked charcoal for restaurants to use in barbeque and tandoor.   The other types of charcoals are graded with the use of grading machine that grades the charcoal into sizes ranging from 10-70 mm.  We watch closely for any quality issues and take strict quality control measures.

Best Quality Products

We are manufacturer and dealers of the wide range of products from charcoal to its various by-products, such as Activated carbon, Agrabatti powder, Agarbatti mix, etc

various type of Charcoal Products